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Other Regulatory Requirements

There are other regulatory requirements by the Navajo Nation not administered by the Division of Economic Development. For more information contact:


The Navajo Tax Commission presently administers and enforces six different tax laws that businesses must comply with. For a list of the current
tax laws --> (click here).

Navajo Tax Commission
Office of the Navajo Tax Commission
PO Box 1903
Window Rock, AZ 86515
(928) 871-6681

Preferential Employment
The Navajo Preference in Employment Act (Navajo Nation Code Title 15, Chapter 7) was enacted to expand and to protect employment and training opportunities for Navajo Workers within the Navajo Nation. The ordinance requires preferential employment of Navajos by non-Government employers operating within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation. In addition, construction contractors are subject to payment of the Navajo Nation Prevailing Wage Rate for non-federally financed construction projects. For more information contact:

Office of Navajo Labor Relations
PO Box Drawer 1943
Window Rock, AZ 86515
(928) 871-6800/6801

Environmental Requirements
The Navajo Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) was established in 1972. In conjunction with the US Environmental Protection Agency, NEPA protects the Navajo people and their environment from various forms of contamination and insures compliance with applicable environmental laws. Prospective businesses are encouraged to contact NEPA for information on local regulations governing environmental assessments and other clearances. For more information contact:

Navajo Department of Environmental Protection
PO Box 339
Window Rock, AZ 86515
(928) 871-7692


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