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General Business Activities

The Navajo Nation has enacted the following ordinances to regulate business activity on the reservation.

Navajo Business Opportunity Act
Title 5, Chapter 2
Requires that business entities within the Navajo Nation issuing requests for bids provide certified Navajo-owned businesses first opportunity to bid on projects (purchase of materials or professional service).
Navajo Nation Business Site Leasing Act of 1987
Title 5, Chapter 11
Governs new business site leases on previously withdrawn or leased land, including but not limited to: industrial parks, shopping centers, trading post sites, and other commercial leases.
Navajo Uniform Commercial Code Title 5A Governs the sale of goods, enforcement of contracts, remedies for breaches of contract, obligations, and liabilities of those using negotiable instruments in transactions, and procedures for a creditor to enforce security interests.
Navajo Corporation Act
Title 5, Chapter 19
Provides for the registration of corporate entities requesting permission to conduct business or non-business transactions within the Navajo Nation.
Navajo Business Procurement Act Title 12, Chapter 15 Prevents the Navajo Nation from issuing any lease permit or lease renewals, contracts, loans, or money to any person or business entity who: owes outstanding debts to the Navajo Nation, has failed to meet a material or contractual obligation to the Navajo Nation, or has failed to comply with applicable laws, and has been found to have engaged in unlawful or criminal offenses within the previous ten years.
Fuel Distributors Licensing Act Title 24 Requires that all businesses distributing fuel within the Navajo Nation obtain a license from the office of the Navajo tax commission.
Navajo Preference in Employment:
Per 5 NNC §300-319
Per 5, NNC, Title 15, Chapter 7, was enacted to expand and to protect employment and training opportunities for Navajo workers within the Navajo Nation. In addition, construction contractors are subject to payment of the Navajo Nation prevailing wage rate for non-federally financed construction projects.
Repossession of Personal Property Title 7, Chapter 5 Provides legal procedures for repossession of personal property specific to the Navajo Nation.

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