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The Navajo Today

The Navajo Nation has come a long way from the treaty of 1868 which established the tribe as a sovereign nation.

Today the Navajo Nation is the largest Indian tribe in the United States, with reservation land covering a total of 17.5 million acres. In 1921, upon the discovery of oil, the US government created the first form of the Navajo Tribal Council a six-man business council — for the sole purpose of giving consent to mineral leases.

In 1936, the US Government issued the "Rules of the Navajo Tribal Council," which formed the basis for the Navajo Nation's government that remains in effect today with an annual budget of about 96 million dollars. One hundred and ten chapters comprise the local form of government where communities hold meetings in chapter houses and members vote on issues such as land use plans. In 1984, the Navajo Nation Council established a Permanent Trust Fund, into which the tribe deposits 12% of all revenues received each year.

Besides the revenue support of natural resources, the tribe is engaged in major development targeted toward health, education, economic development, and employment. Plans include improvements to its current infrastructure that can support job-creating enterprises while increasing services and benefits to the Navajo people.

The Navajo Nation is rich with scenic beauty, culture, and history. The Navajo people are world-renowned for their silver and turquoise jewelry and hand-woven rugs. Thousands of tourists each year are attracted to the reservation to enjoy the scenic wonders including Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Chaco Canyon, Hubbell's Trading Post, and Shiprock.


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