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Navajo Nation Data & Statistics

Division of Economic Development

DESCRIPTION OF DATA FILES: Navajo Nation DED Support Services recently extracted numerous data and reports from the U.S. Census FactFinder2, which provides demographic, social, economic, and special reports on the Navajo Nation. Most of the data reports are broken out by the 110 Navajo chapters. The data sources for the information are the U.S. Census American Community Survey and U.S. Census Summary File 1.

American Community Survey (ACS)
The American Community Survey is a large, continuous demographic survey conducted by the Census Bureau that will eventually provide accurate and up-to-date profiles of America's communities every year. Questionnaires are mailed to a sample of addresses to obtain information about households -- that is, about each person and the housing unit itself. The survey produces annual and multi-year estimates of population and housing characteristics and produces data for small areas, including tracts and population subgroups.

Summary File 1 (SF 1)
This file presents 100-percent population and housing figures for the total population, for 63 race categories, and for many other race and Hispanic or Latino categories. This includes age, sex, households, household relationship, housing units, and tenure (whether the residence is owned or rented). Also included are selected characteristics for a limited number of race and Hispanic or Latino categories. The data are available for the U.S., regions, divisions, states, counties, county subdivisions, places, census tracts, block groups, blocks, metropolitan areas, American Indian and Alaska Native areas, tribal subdivisions, Hawaiian home lands, congressional districts, and ZIP Code Tabulation Areas. Data are available down to the block level for many tabulations, but only to the census-tract level for others. Available on CD-ROM, DVD, and American FactFinder.

The Census 2010 Summary File 1 data are released in three stages. Individual state files and two national files are released. The state-level data are released first, followed by the Advance National File, which covers the same data subjects, but includes national level summary data such as ZCTAs, whole metropolitan areas, whole American Indian areas, etc. The Final National File contains the same data subjects and geographic areas as the Advance National File, but adds the first available urban/rural and urbanized area data.

NOTE: Depending on your data needs, you can either use the ACS 2006-2010 data reports or the SF1 2010 data reports. The numbers are not always exactly the same between the two sets of data reports because the U.S. Census experts use different methods, analysis, and modeling for the data sets. For more information on how the data are obtained, see DED Support Services does not obtain any field or raw data for the U.S. Census; it only uses data already obtained by the U.S. Census. Any concerns about the data sets should be addressed to the U.S. Census. If you need guidance on using the U.S. Census data or navigating within the Census website, you can contact DED Support Services.

Data Files Extracted by DED Support Services Department


1. American Community Survey 2006 - 2010

Unweighted Sample Count of the Population (pdf) Income to Poverty Ratio by Chapters (excel) Plumb No Plumb by Chapters (pdf)
Population by Chapters MoE (pdf) Wage Income by Chapters (excel) Detailed Race by Chapters (excel)
Population by Chapters MoE (excel) Self Employment Income by Chapters (excel) Social Characteristic by Chapters (pdf)
Race Breakout by Chapters (excel) Social Security Income by Chapters (pdf) Econ Characteristics by Chapters (pdf)
Tribal Breakout by Chapters (excel) Per Capita Income by Chapters (excel) Demographic And Housing by Chapters (pdf)
Amer. Indian & Alaska Native by Chapters (excel) Veteran Status by Age by Chapters (pdf) Geographic Identifiers for NN Chapters (pdf)
School Enrollment by Chapters (excel) Military Service for Civilian Veterans by Chapters (pdf) Children Characteristics by Chapters (excel)
Poverty Status in 12 mos. by Chapters (excel) By Age Veteran Status by Employment by Chapters (excel) Language Spoken at Home for NN (pdf)
Above or Below Poverty by Chapters (excel) Housing Units by Chapters (pdf) Food Stamps SNAP For NN (pdf)
By Age of Household Poverty by Chapters (excel) House Built by Year by Chapters (excel) Financial Characteristics For NN (pdf)

2. 2010 Census Summary File 1


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