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Website Page for Data and Statistics
Navajo Nation

Metrics for “State of Navajo Nation Economy”


Data Generators or Collectors

Description or Analysis


Data Users

  • Econo Metrics
  • US Census
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Division of Economic Development
  • CEDS is a broad description of economic profile of Navajo Nation.
  • BIA Labor Survey is a survey of current labor rates within the area.
  • DED Shopping Preference Survey is a recently completed original survey of Navajo buying preference at 110 chapters.
  • Public
  • Media
  • NN Departments
  • Graduate Students
  • NN Council


  • Socio Metrics
  • US Census
  • “The Grey Book” is compilation of all 110 Chapter Profiles based on 2005-2009 ACS data and information.
  • Chapter Profiles is a set of profiles of several socio-econ metrics for chapters.
  • Public
  • Media
  • NN Chapter Officials
  • Elected Leaders
  • NN Council
  • Program Personnel
  • Grant Writers
  • Other Metrics
  • Division of Diné Education
  • Division of Health
  • Division of Community Development
  • Division of Public Safety
  • Office of Management & Budget
  • Office of Controller



  • Public
  • Media
  • NN Departments
  • NN Council
  • Students
  • Health Officials


The above Data Products are available. Click on Data Product’s label to download information. All data provided are based on respective Data Generators or Collectors. For complete or updated information, please visit the Data Generator’s or Collector’s website. In the future, more Data Products will be posted for downloading. DED is not responsible for any data obtained from Data Generator or Collector.

CONTACT: For more information, please email: or call (928) 871-7394.   Twitter: @NavajoStatsDemo     Updated: Dec 2011


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