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The Real Estate Department is implements the Navajo Nation Business Site Leasing Regulations of 2005, assuming the authorities of the Bureau of Indian Affairs on management and enforcement of business site leases.  Subsection 402 of these regulations outline the accounting function of the Real Estate Department and it is codified in Section 6.0 of the Division of Economic Development's Navajo Management Plan (for business site leasing).  

The Accounting Process

The accountant works with the Division of Economic Development and other managing entities to ensure leaseholders' compliance with their lease terms and conditions with regard to lease payments.  The Navajo Nation Business Site Leasing Regulations of 2005 requires that the Real Estate Department provide an accounting system to invoice lessors and provide annual reportings of financial records.  The Real Estate Department works with the Division of Finance to invoice business site leaseholders and with the BIA for encoding of Navajo Nation Approved Business Site Leases.  

It also accepts administrative fees as required by the business site lease administrative plan. To pay administrative fees, please send payments by money order or cashier’s check, payable to “The Navajo Nation.”  Below is the schedule of administrative fees charged by the Real Estate Department.

  1. New Lease
  1. Option of Renew
  1. Renewal of Lease
  1. Modification Agreement
  1. Assignment Agreement
  1. Collateral Agreement
  1. Revocable/Conditional Use Permits
  1. Emergency Operating Agreement
  1. Other Administrative Transactions
For specific information about the business site lease accounting, contact the Real Estate Department.

Real Estate Department Accounting Section

VACANT, Accountant
(928) 871-6558

Mailing Address:
Real Estate Department
P.O. Box 664,
Window Rock, Arizona 86515
Phone: (928) 871-6558
Fax: (928) 871-7174

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