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Environmental Review

The Real Estate Department implements the Navajo Nation Business Site Leasing Regulations of 2005, assuming the authorities of the Bureau of Indian Affairs on management and enforcement of business site leases.  Subsection 800 of these regulations outline the environmental review process and it is codified in Section 3.0 of the Division of Economic Development's Navajo Management Plan (for business site leasing).  

The Navajo Nation Business Site Leasing Regulations of 2005 created the Environmental Reviewer position to comply with the applicable regulations safeguarding the environment and mitigating the impact of business on trust lands within the Navajo Nation.  "The Environmental Reviewer is the employee of the Division of Economic Development that has the authority set forth in §811 of the Navajo Nation Business Site Leasing Regulations of 2005."  The Real Estate Department has an Environmental Specialist tasked with the Environmental Reviewer role as required in the leasing regulations.

The Environmental Review Process

The The Environmental Reviewer works with other Division of Economic Development entities to ensure appropriate environmental review determination are complied with and included in all proposed Business Site Leases by appropriate Division of Economic Development sponsors, applicants, and lessee. As stated in the Business Site Lease Management Plan, the “Appropriate DED sponsor and applicant/lessee shall collect and include environmental documents in proposed BSL”.

  • Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency

  • Navajo Fish and Wildlife Department

  • Navajo Historic Preservation Department

For specific information about the environmental review process, contact the Real Estate Department.

Real Estate Department Environmental Review Staff

Garyald Benally, Environmental Specialist

(928) 871-6538

Mailing Address:
Real Estate Department
P.O. Box 664,
Window Rock, Arizona 86515
Phone: (928) 871-6558
Fax: (928) 871-7174

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