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Real Estate Department Resources

Below are the forms that are included in the Business Site Leasing Administrative and Management plans. If you have any questions about these forms, please contact the Real Estate Department.  Disclaimer: Refer to current documents

Business Site Leasing Regulations

Navajo Navajo Administrative Plan (for Business Site Leasing)
Division of Economic Development (DED) regulations for administrating business site leases on the Navajo Nation. Revised September 9, 2009

Navajo Management Plan (for Business Site Leasing)
Division of Economic Development (DED) regulations for managing business site leasing on the Navajo Nation.  Revised September 9, 2009

United States Code, Title 25, Chapter 12, Subsection 415, Long Term Leasing Act
United States Code enacted as law on December 12, 2000 as part of the Omnibus Indian Advancement Act. These amendments authorize the Navajo Nation to issue business site leases taking the responsibility from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Navajo Nation Business Leasing Regulations of 2005
These regulations authorize the Navajo Nation to issue business site leases without the approval of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  These regulations are authorized byt the Navajo Nation Trust Land Leasing Act of 2000,  Adopted by the Navajo Nation Council, July 24, 2006

Economic Development Committee Uniform Business Leasing Regulations of 2008
These regulations authorize the Economic Development Committee to delegate its business site leasing approval authority to another managing entity.  Eligible managing entities include certified chapters and subdivisions of the Navajo Nation.

Adopting the Navajo Nation Privacy and Access to Information Act
Navajo Nation policy that allows access to government records and information while preserving the privacy interests of individuals and entities.


Authorized Managing Entities

Kayenta Township
For additional information, please contact the Town Manager or the Director of the Economic Development Department at (928) 697-8451

Shonto (Sh'Th) Chapter
For additional information, please contact the Shonto Community Governance at (928) 672-2910

To’Nanees Dizi Chapter (pending)
For additional information, please contact the To'Nanees'Dizi Business Site Lease Office
 at (928) 283-3283 or visit their website at www.tndbsloffice.com

Mailing Address:
Real Estate Department
P.O. Box 664,
Window Rock, Arizona 86515
Phone: (928) 871-6558
Fax: (928) 871-7174

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